Who can contest / challenge a will?

We have prosecuted successful claims on behalf of widows, children, adopted children, defacto wives, defacto children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces, divorced and/or former wives, mistresses, gay and lesbian lovers, carers, sex workers, neighbours, close friends, etc.

In other states the potential claimants are often limited to widows, defacto wives and children. In Victoria, the categories of claimant are not closed and it is the willmaker’s moral duty that counts.

( There is no difference between “challenging” a will and “contesting” a will. “Challenging a will” and “contesting a will” are simply different phrases to describe the same legal processes. )

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At Constable Connor, we have successfully assisted clients with will disputes for over 30 years. In almost all cases, we conduct this litigation:
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