What does “no win/no fee/no risk” mean?

While we are investigating whether or not we believe you have a good claim, you have a free lawyer. You do not pay costs and you do not pay expenses.

Once we are convinced that you have a good claim, we wil offer you a formal written “no win/no fee/no risk” costs agreement for you approval.

“No win/no fee” means what it says. Unless your claim is successful, you do not pay costs and you do not pay expenses.

“No risk” is a Constable Connor invention. If we get it so wrong that you lose your claim, you obviously do not pay costs or expenses under the “no win/no fee” approach. However, if we get it so wrong that the court decides that you should pay the costs of other parties to the litigation, then under our “no risk” approach, you do not pay those costs. Rather, they are paid by Constable Connor as is provided for in our standard written fee agreement.

Our Promise

At Constable Connor, we have successfully assisted clients with will disputes for over 30 years. In almost all cases, we conduct this litigation:
no win no fee no risk
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