What do our clients say about Constable Connor Wills?

Constable Connor Wills was founded back in 1990 and we have been taking great care of our clients ever since.

My claim was one of the hardest times of my life. When I had to bring it (or walk away), I was depressed, anxious and unable to work. I had the great fortune of finding Constable Connor solicitors where I had the privilege of meeting Peter Connor, he assured me he could help me with my claim and I just felt that this was a person I could trust and rely on, Mr Connor and his wonderful staff never once let me down.
After my claim was finalised, the money was welcome, very welcome but that was not the most important thing. Finally having people believe in me and fight for me gave me the strength to go back to school to get a qualification and get into my current job, which I really enjoy. I believe that Peter and his fabulous people contributed to my belief in myself, and if it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication I really don’t know where I would be today.
I highly recommend Constable Connor. These claims are not just about money for people like me.
Teresa Ryan
When my mother died, I found that – as one of only two children – I had been entirely excluded in favour of my sister.
Even worse, I discovered that my mother had transferred her home (her only major asset) to my sister prior to her death.
When I contacted Constable Connor, Peter Connor patiently explained to me that we had a “big hill to climb”.
About eighteen months later, I ended up with about half of my mother’s estate (minus legal fees).
I was satisfied with this result because I was satisfied that Constable Connor did everything in their power to bring about this result at the earliest possible moment.
I was kept informed of the problems and difficulties at every stage and, at all times, I was able to make informed decisions against the background of having the best possible legal advice.
Nobody should have to go through the nightmare of a wills dispute. However, if you have no other choice, I am delighted to recommend Constable Connor.
Glenys Dolny
My grandmother died in the 1980’s.
My father and my uncle were never able to explain to me what happened to her estate.
I saw an advertisement on television and rang Constable Connor. I spoke to Peter Connor and he patiently explained to me that it was most unlikely that anything could be done but he was happy to investigate “no win/no fee/no risk”.
A few months later, my father and my uncle were richer by about $500,000 each.
All in all, as will disputes lawyers, I think that Constable Connor are not too shabby.
Bob Henry
I have recently reread my testimonial and, although it is totally accurate, it just does not tell the whole picture about what was important to me as the client.
I first rang Constable Connor after seeing a commercial on television. I had to build up a lot of courage in myself before I could pick up the telephone.
My first telephone contact was with a staff member who explained that she would need some details from me. While telling her about my mother and the will, I became quite distressed. She was kind and patient, telling me to take my time. When we were done, she suggested I put on the kettle, have a cuppa and relax. She told me that a solicitor would be in touch soon.
Well, the solicitor (Peter Connor) rang me a day or so later on a Saturday. I was more than surprised. What solicitor ever rings you on a Saturday?
As time went by, I came to understand that Peter and his team are tireless workers and the hour and the day is irrelevant. During my matter, I had a mobile telephone number and access to my solicitor 24/7.
I was kept informed at all times and constantly reassured, particularly when the mediation date came close and I was very fearful about meeting my sister at the mediation.
Peter and the staff at Constable Connor made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole ordeal.
My mother’s estate was modest and the outcome at mediation was fair to both parties.
I could never have attempted to obtain justice without the Constable Connor “no win/no fee/no risk” approach to legal costs.
I personally recommend Constable Connor if you have a dispute over a will.
Janette Woods
I was the adopted son.
My father decided to exclude me from his will in favour of his natural son.
My brother (the natural son) saw nothing wrong with that.
I saw an advertisement for Constable Connor on television and decided to ring them for advice.
This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
A few short months later, I received $100,000.00 less legal fees.
Needless to say, I have no hesitation in recommending Constable Connor for will disputes.
Ian Reeves
In a recent wills litigation battle, we were very fortunate to be able to engage the dedicated and professional people at Constable Connor.
We would not have been able to bring our claim without the Constable Connor “no win/no fee/no risk” costs agreement in what turned out to be a long and difficult will dispute.
Peter Connor and his team stuck with us during the first trial in the County Court, and then the expensive Appeal by the other side to the Court of Appeal.
After that long and costly process, we won the case.
We take great pleasure in recommending to anyone involved in a wills dispute to enlist the top-class services of Constable Connor.
Ian and Beth Graham
My mother died in 2019 of kidney failure. After her funeral, I was told I was not able to see a copy of her will by my sister and ger solicitor. I contacted Peter Connor. Explained the situation and we moved on from there. I discovered I had been completely excluded from the will. Peter explained to me what I could expect, and I asked Peter to represent me.
After months of legal wrangling, Peter obtained a very satisfactory resolution to the matter. Without Peters advice and his team’s fantastic work my family and I would have been left with nothing.
I cannot recommend Peter enough. He will steer you through the process and give you meaningful advice along the way. His experience in these matters is invaluable. That said I do not wish anyone the heartache and anguish of a will dispute.
Peter McLaren
“Peter Connor and his team at Constable Connor took on my husband’s Wills Dispute. My husband’s strange and eccentric mother had left him completely out of her Will.
So, Peter Connor ticked the boxes for me – direct approach, knowledge of wills litigation second to none. With my significant help, Peter convinced my husband he had the right to contest the Will and Peter was completely honest and upfront throughout the whole process. Everything Peter advised would happen, happened, from Calderbank offers to the matter ending in the Mediation ordered by the Court. The Barrister he chose to represent my husband at the Mediation was amazing.
I would not hesitate in recommending anyone involved in a Wills Dispute to enlist the professional services of Constable Connor.
But people need to know that Mediation is a very stressful process. Our family is significantly better off financially, but the stress of Mediation is enormous and this Wills dispute process is not, I think, for people with frail mental health.
Kate Carter
Many thanks for getting back to us Peter and for all your help. I have relayed this information on to my brothers. I feel very sad our grandmother expressed her true feelings in such a bizarre way ostracising us (her own blood) the way she did, especially years and years of festering such hate towards us, we honestly had no idea. Our grandmother’s behaviour was certainly contradictory and she did a good job of hiding it from us. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the desired outcome but at least now we can understand the influence she had on my father’s brother and sisters (our uncle and aunts) behind the scenes and this would explain why they were distant with us. Thankyou again for your efforts and although it may seem like you were just doing your job, you have provided us with closure which is worth more to us.
Eileen Moore