Constable Connor has been assisting members of the community to draft their wills for over 30 years.
As times have changed, Constable Connor has changed with them, and can provide excellent advice regarding all aspects of will drafting.
It is important to know who can potentially challenge your will and Constable Connor can advise about “litigation proof” wills for your peace of mind.

Tailored Wills Packages

A major plank in our quality programme is that our clients must know, at every stage, exactly what legal fees they are committing to. For wills, enduring powers of attorney and enduring powers of guardianship, the minimum fee is $400.00 (plus GST). The average fee for multiple documents is approximately $800.00 (plus GST).
More complex wills incur additional charges and we will provide you with a written estimate once we receive your instructions. However, we can indicate the following costs may apply in addition to our base fee of $400.00 (plus GST):-
Mutual wills $ 200.00 (plus GST) per will (estimate)
Testamentary trusts $ 400.00 (plus GST) per will (estimate)
Litigation-Proof wills $15,000.00 (plus GST) 

incl. of all costs and expenses (fixed price)

Litigation Proof Wills.

For your peace of mind.

Theoretically, there is no such thing as a “litigation-proof” will. In Victoria, our laws start with the proposition that you can make your will and leave your property in any way in which you wish to do so.
However, after your death, lots of people can object to what you have done and bring an application to receive some payment or benefit from your will or estate.
That person needs to demonstrate that you owed them a “moral duty” to include them in your will. They also need to demonstrate that they are in financial need.
We have conducted successful claims on behalf of friends, distant relatives, mistresses, all sorts of people.
The crucial test is “moral duty”.
Over the last 4 decades, we have “busted” many wills.
From time to time, we have come across wills that we have not been able to successfully challenge.
On the basis of this 4 decades of experience, we have come up with a product which, for want of a more accurate phrase, we have described as a “litigation-proof will”.
This product is priced at $15,000.00.
If you are genuinely afraid that someone could challenge your will after your death, and you want to spend $15,000.00 to prevent this, we are happy to talk to you about our product.
Because our product is confidential and we do not want our competitors to know about it, there are no further details that we are willing to make public.

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