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At Constable Connor for over 40 years now, we have successfully assisted our clients to resolve disputes by negotiation or win their litigation in the areas of Wills, Probate and Deceased Estates, Family Trusts and Superannuation Death Claims.

In almost all cases, we agree to act  – NO WIN/ NO FEE/ NO RISK. Constable Connor operates throughout Victoria and we have a strong network of colleagues who operate interstate. You can use this website to connect through us to competent lawyers AUSTRALIA-WIDE.

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Peter Connor

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Peter Connor

Founding Partner

Peter Connor was admitted to practice as a solicitor on 1 March 1997 and practices in Victoria in the areas of Will disputes, Probate disputes, and Superannuation death claim disputes. His litigation practice takes him to the County Court, the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and (occasionally) the High Court of Australia.

Peter supports the worst team in the AFL. Past tantrums have meant that he is no longer allowed to watch live football games on the TV. Every Friday, Peter is required to turn off his mobile phone in the afternoon and spend time away from the office babysitting his horrible grandchildren. His wife says it is good for his character, but we are not so sure.

Common Will Dispute Questions

With the population living longer these days, it is becoming commonplace for questions to be asked about wills made by elderly or infirm people.

Did the willmakers understand the extent of their property and the natural claims that relatives and significant others have to share in their property after their deaths?


Mediations Have An Enormously High Success Rate In Will Disputes

How and when you use Mediation is more art than science.

For example, legal proceedings in Australia challenging wills on the basis of unfair treatment by the willmaker must be issued within strict time limits. The time limits vary in the various States and Territories. In Victoria, the time limit is six months from the date of the grant of probate. (The time can be extended, but only for a very good reason).

At Constable Connor, we use some of that time in appropriate cases to urge and arrange mediations between the disputing parties to take place as soon as possible and before the issue of court proceedings. A complicating factor is that, if Mediation fails, some Judges order a second Mediation after the court action commences – so doubling the price of the Mediation exercise.

If early mediation does not resolve a dispute, the court proceedings are exorbitantly expensive. In some Australian jurisdictions, the courts are supposed to make the loser pay the winner’s costs, but often the courts will order the legal costs of all the disputing parties to be paid out of the deceased’s property.

It is not so unusual for the costs of court proceedings to reduce the deceased’s property so significantly that the major beneficiaries are the lawyers. Our aim is to do everything possible at every stage to make sure that this does not happen.

Thank You Constable Connor Wills

“Peter Connor and his team at Constable Connor took on my husband’s Wills Dispute. My husband’s strange and eccentric mother had left him completely out of her Will.

So, Peter Connor ticked the boxes for me – direct approach, knowledge of wills litigation second to none. With my significant help, Peter convinced my husband he had the right to contest the Will and Peter was completely honest and upfront throughout the whole process. Everything Peter advised would happen,  happened, from Calderbank offers to the matter ending in the Mediation ordered by the Court. The Barrister he chose to represent my husband at the Mediation was amazing.

I would not hesitate in recommending anyone involved in a Wills Dispute to enlist the professional services of Constable Connor.

But people need to know that Mediation is a very stressful process. Our family is significantly better off financially, but the stress of Mediation is enormous and this Wills dispute process is not, I think, for people with frail mental health.

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